On greatness. (An afternoon during Johann’s 4th birthday)

Yesterday, out of boredom, I watched videos from Youtube. Since I want to make my time meaningful, I searched for the speeches of my two idols – Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan. These two guys shaped my competitive nature and inspired me to take risks and responsibilty.

During his era, I don’t really like MJ. In fact, I am sick of his games that I always observe 90% of the coverage of the basketball game shows MJ (to the extent the camera will show him tie his shoes). I also even bet for the other team every time Chicago Bulls plays on the Finals. After his era of greatness, I suddenly realized that the NBA became lesser and these bunch of high contract all stars are more inclined to play the game because of the KWAN! No offense to NBA fans but it’s simply the way of the world. MJ  built an epitome of legacy in sports and I stand that he is “the greatest basketball of all time.” The hip hop version of DR J (quoting Shaq).

Watching MJ delivered his speech on the Hall of Fame, made me understand that everyday we should challenge ourselves at work, home, and life as a whole. MJ is the person who always take all the criticisms and disprove those who opposed him. And for him, it’s an everyday process. Not laid back but always focus that you have to improve every day to be the best. That you persevere, that you take punches of life and fight back. Not to show everyone but for you to conquer yourself’s negativity. I like his parting words during his speech,

” Never say never. Limits, just like fears, are often just an illusion.”


As early as five years old, I have these questions in life, ” Why am I here? Why I can see these things? What will I see and be if I’m not here?” Life is something we are experiencing right now and we have to do the things we love. I know we have lots of complaints and questions,  (which often because the norm dictates something that oppposes your intuitiions), but for me LIFE is a timeframe that we should make most of what we have in our tank. It’s a time to be unique. To be who you are and not a shadow of someone else’s life.

Knowing Steve Jobs is one of the most important milestone in my life. He made me live my life always on a deathground -to live your day as if it’s your last. I don’t want to be a shadow of him but he definitely inspire me to put a dent in the universe. Being successful is going through lots of tribulations before you make something work. I am in that process and it’s exciting. It’s fun and each day you have to go ou there and impart yourself to the unforgiving world! 🙂

Let me tell you this, “I will continue to change myself for the betterment of the world.” And someday, if my life is about to deplete, I will have the answers to the questions haunting me for years…. but I will leave those answers to the world because it is my legacy. 

– Sydney


About The Hitchhiker

Loving the road. It is where it leads you to somewhere or to your destination. You might be lost sometimes, but the people beside the road will help you. You may also give other people a hitch..... And who knows? He might be me.
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