Warrior in Silence

Sometimes, if a warrior silent, it doesn’t mean he is meditating on how to win the battle. Often, he is searching for the past. Thinking what was wrong and why it has to happen. Sometimes, he wishes to die. He wishes to end such suffering. Why the pain in the heart leaves only emptiness of the mind. He grabs his sword. Readies his wrist. Lots of “why?” and the only way out of it is to die.

Then suddenly, he remembers the people who loves him. His friends. His family. His motivators. Even his enemies. Why should give in to madness when life will come once? Why be bothered? You have to get up and fight!

Instead, he gets up, readies his sword, and breathes the air full of blood and excitement! The battle is ahead…. That is the one worth dying for! That is what he longs for!

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The Free Ride

I am the Hitch Hiker, a new blogger. Not the one that you might find fancy or catchy at a glance. i just express my thoughts and strive to make it as simple and meaningful as much as possible. 

The road, my life, and the world! These are all I need to experience the grandeur of my existence! So seat back and relax and join me on this free ride!





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